Frequently, copy writing, above image assets, is the number one bottle neck in the product launch cycle. workflow. Companies that sell thousands of SKUs online and aim to sell thousands more, end to have the largest growth potential. Online retailers that invest in heavily in marketing communications and personalized shopping experience will be best positioned for growth. Brands with the capacity to speak directly to their customers via blogs and email subscriptions have greater potential to acquire new customers and cultivate brand loyalty.

Natural language generation (NLG) technology is a type of artificial intelligence that systematically produces written descriptions, stories, reports, or ads from various data sets and narrative templates. Leading NLG platforms can produce intelligent content that describes measurable features of a topic, while accurately generating interesting angles within the context of subject-level and audience attributes. Yet, while natural language generation software engineers have excelled at producing descriptive and informative machines, they have struggled to develop a beneficial solution to the Online Retail industry.

Writers love to work with us. Integrate workflow
It’s like cloning one or more human writers and putting them on auto-pilot to achieve output and quality levels never thought possible. Marketers love to work with us because of the invaluable data insights that we provide. Investors love us because we enable greater controls over budget and returns on investments. IT Departments love us because our output is cleanly structured, usually requiring little to no integration. Sales and Customer Service departments love us because we provide more details and layers of content to customers. Social Media departments love us because we provide great content, tailored to multiple audience types.

Writesof is Natural Language Generation that uses unique methods of AI to write illustrative and compelling product content, such as descriptions, ads, and articles.
Our software makes it possible to write hundreds of versions of product copy for millions of unique products. Writesof can compose short-form and long-form content, aimed at various audiences. The software was designed to be used by industry-acclaimed writers who may not otherwise be open to task on large volume demands or tedious copywriting projects. Human writers provide a relatively small amount of input and configuration settings to establish a gold-standard of output. Writesof AI then goes to work by collecting and analyzing product and market data with respect to every product, one category at a time.
Unlike template-based NLG systems, Writesof is a type of generative art, with the ability to write millions of highly unique product descriptions, with an average linguistic variability of 96 percent. With continuous training (author intervention) and real-time feedback (property analytics), Writesof is built for continuous improvement, constantly analyzing over 100 linguistic variables in relation to product performance. With minimal guidance from human authors, it monitors what it writes, where it