Online sellers are constantly experimenting with vendor technology and many are developing applications in-house to handle the increasing load of data science and analysis.  Too often, by the time a company implements a new technology, its utility begins to decline at an exponential rate.  The same is true for in-house developed systems.  These can take years to develop, which exposes the company to risk of investments and expenditures, and broader strategic initiatives of becoming obsolete.  The other challenge e-tailers face is with system integration.  There tends to always be something buggy or inefficient about new software platforms.  For this reason, many technology success stories in the marketing department are derived from custom applications and SaaS vendors.  Applications that generate good ROI are built with understanding of consumer and technology trends and tend to focus on ease of integration.  Often the most complex systems are the most useful, in theory, but no one has the time to dive into all of the technical nuance.