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If your an online retailer or an agency responsible for selling thousands of SKUs, our Personalized Message Generation™ technology can help you produce targeted, personalized and highly diversified product sales messages that results in higher engagement and converstion rates.

Our Natural Language Generation (NLG) systems understand user profile and behavior data and create product descriptions, ads, emails, social media posts, and more, that speak to your users on an individual basis.  We can deploy one or more unique NLG Personas that are tuned in your brand’s voice, with varied communication styles and writing abilities.

We Deliver Competitive Advantages
  • Unlimited unique product page versions
  • Unmatched content production speed
  • Personalized user-driven messaging
  • First-t0-market launch and adjustment
  • Adapt to market opportunities faster
  • Advanced user-linguistic analytics tools

Suitable partner clients should have a proficient working knowledge of user traffic and customer data, and preferably have experience with delivering personalized marketing and customer experience solutions internally or via third-party solutions.  Clients that fit this profile will be able to work with our team at optimal efficiency.  We understand that your data is valuable and must be protected.  Since our PMG systems utilize this data to learn how to communicate with your customers, we offer an innovative solution that protects your user and customer data and only provides language valuation data to our systems.

To protect client’s data, we provide a lightweight app (modified script) which your team can use to assign encrypted product page version ID values to all relevant data.  Your data governance team controls the randomization of ID assignment.   Next, we provide you with a heavyweight app, a computational linguistics tool that analyzes each unique customer behavior with the language that they engage.  This app is capable of creating millions of new and revised data entries per day, interpreting how users engage with each chunk of language.  We use the language performance data to continuously evaluate the values of language chunks with different user types, training our PMG systems to produce higher performing messages for each user type.   Then, we deliver new and updated product page versions, with correlating user targeting data.  Over time, as we analyze dozens of new and revised product page versions for each SKU, product page versions will become more diversified in communications, capable of targeting a wider range of user types.  Overall messaging performance will increase, benchmarked by engagement and conversion metrics for each SKU.

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