At Writesof, our aim is to help organizations write better copy, create more content, and publish it faster.
If you are a high-growth e-commerce organization with strong technical and marketing capabilities, we’d like to hear from you. Please note: At this time, we are operating strictly on a SaaS model and do not offer a template-based NLG solution. Template-based NLG software products are typically desktop applications or light cloud apps. They enable organizations to write simple product descriptions, with some degree of variability. By contrast, our NLG can write trillions of versions of a single product description but the way that we do this, is tightly controlled. Keyword placement, brand voice, message tone, and more than 100 linguistics variables are configured to write copy that fits the brand, by category, product by product.

Our ideal client may be described as follows: seeking clients with qualifications such as:
• Manage more than 10,000 products, preferably in multiple e-commerce sales funnels or channels
• Efficiently structured product specifications, including qualitative and brand attribute data
• Well-defined or standardized elements of brand voice and sales messaging
• In-house ability to work efficiently on data and system integrations
• In-house writers who understand content and engagement KPIs
• interested in working with clients that seek 10x improvement in content quality, 00x improvement in publishing volume
We guarantee that our product description generation software perform better than those written by our human counterparts.