With Writesof innovative Natural Language (NLG) sonlutions, online retailers and product marketers can build a thriving customer base using generated personalized product messaging that adapts to customer interests and behaviors, producing and editing fresh content with first-to-market speed.
With our brand-tailored Personalized Message Generation™ (PMG) technology, product marketers can create high-performing product messages, that scale, adapt, and actually listen to and interact with shoppers.


As product marketers, your top and bottom lines heavily depend on your writing department’s user awarenss, communications ability, and productivity.  The creative process of intriguing and inspiring customers is not easily mastered.  Delivering an optimal search and on-page experience is a seemingly insurmountable feat.  Writesof understands these and other content production challenges within your writing department. 
Currently, we are open to partnerships with organizations that are proficient in user traffic and customer analytics.  If your organization is interested in extracting a new and valuable type of customer data from message-response insights, let’s talk.   If you are currently implementing personalized customer experience solutions along the customer journey, we can add a ton of value to your organization.   
Our technology writes fully enriched product descriptions, benchmarked on engagment and conversion performance.  We can guarantee delivery and ROI on product messaging that will generate more conversions, improve customer loyalty, and imrpove your brand’s market position.  With more relatable personalzied content, your product pages will convert more customers and your organization will build a more loyal and engaged customer base.  Our objective is to deliver content that results in more return customer visits, better product reviews, and a substantial increase in customer engagmeent and influence on social media.

Manage Product Description Versions and User Targeting With Personalized Message Generation™

Online retailers that are able to personalize customer experience at the user level will convert more shoppers.  It is quite difficult for large online retailers, particularly those with more than 10,000 SKUs, to produce and manage product page versions.  User-based content differentiation, however, is a critically important aspect of product page personalization.  With improvements in personalized customer experience, online retailers are more competitive at winning and keeping customers.    With Writesof NLG systems, product marketers can generate dozens, even hundreds of product page versions.  Marketers can manage each version’s placement, positioning, and buyer journey destinations, personalizing the customer experience by unique visit.  Each ad’s unique landing page informs your team about a particular user’s behavior and journey.   As you implement differentiation in the customer journey, you can begin to track each unique journey in relationship with customer engagement for each product page version.

First To Launch New Products

Launch products before the container lands at your warehouse by virtually eliminating the content production bottleneck.  Test products, before purchase order, with carefully targeted messaging produced quickly and at a low cost.  Be first-to-market on new launches and respond quickly to successful competitor launches.  Sell products on a pre-order basis or with adjusted ship times.

First To Edit Product Messaging

Keep content fresh and updated – this is more important in online retail than any other content category.  Eliminate the mental block of having production limitations in the writing department.  Operate more freely and flexibly with product message editing and marketing agendas.  Never stop editing.  Fresh and personalized content will always win.

First To A/B Test Product Messaging

Create 100 unique product pages for a single SKU and test them all against each other and targeting differentiated user groups.  Test 100 unique ads with 100 unique product pages.  Create dozens of product descriptoin versions for each unique ad.  More differentiation.  More variables to test.  Better data between language and user.  Better language with NLG created specifically for product messaging.

First To Adapt Messaing To User Behavior

Data that explains how users behave with product communications is decision-able data, but not for humans.  Sure, you can use bits and pieces to create better message with a few segments, but your future success is tied to your ability to personalize the customer experience, not analyze it. Writesof gives product markters the power to adapt messages to users, communities, behaviors, and trends – to stay on message, delivering unique customer experiences via user-targeted product communications.

First To Adjust To Market Changes

Seasons change.  Promotional opportunites can be sudden.  Social media activity can throw you off guard.  New product launches can take you by surprise.  Writesof NLG adds agility and productivity to your marketing team and substantially reduces pressure on your writing department.  For writers who can accept the learning curve, both by the machine and by the human writer, our technology will virtually eliminate burdens on a departmental level, from data to distribution.

First To Differentiate Content

Content differentiation is non negotiable for search optimization.  All of your text content must be 100% unique, on-site and off-site.  Brands that sell thousands of unique SKUs may have thousands of unique resellers for each SKU. Writesof NLG can deliver customized product descriptions, millions of versions per SKU.  Brands can distribute each version, by country (foreign language), state, city, audience type, etc.  Differentiated content is critical – the other reasons should be obvious to a product marketer.

First to Personalize Product Communications

As our NLG learns about your customer base and user traffic, it will also learn how to adapt messaging to communicate more effectively to user groups and eventually to individual users.  In our opinion, in 2020, personalized communications is a myth.  It is impossible to even begin to understand how diversified people are.  The only way to pursue personalized communications is with machine learning, driven by user communication feedback.  The only way to do this, at this time, is with onine retail, where the user is providing difinitive engagement and responses.  It is the only area of the www where enough volume of user visits and data-rich interactions exist.  There are other humanitarian areas that Writesof plans to pursue with our NLG pursuits.  At this time, online retail, is the best training ground for our systems.  Over time, as they learn how people interact on social media, with respect to products, they will acquire more knowledge in the area of social communications, which is an important area of focus on training our NLG to communicate to all types of people, with various communication objectives.

First To Compete For Market Share

Organizations can start selling inventory before their competitors.  With higher quality, more enriched, and more personalized product messaging, product marketers will be stronger in all corners of the digital market, from press, to social media, to product pages.  First is always stronger, in position, in data, in agility.  The competitor that gets to the customer first, all else equal, will always win on position and visibility.  But all else is not equal – your messaging will be better than your competitors.  You can start taking market share before their launch.  You can respond to new product opportunities and competitive threats faster than the competition.

Target Diverse User Groups
With Personalized Product Messaging

Raise Message Resonance
At the Individual User’s Level

Deploy Streams of Targeted Communications
With First-To-Market Agility


Create 10s or 100s of thousands of unique product descriptions in weeks.
Edit thousands of unique product description in hours – text, HTML, etc.
Build dozens, even hundreds, of unique product page versions for each SKU.

Build Relationships With Better Words

  • Multivariate test language performance –  1,000 variables
  • Gain insight on language resonance with users and groups
  • Learn how language correlates with customer behavior
  • Track KPI values by phrase, grammar and writing styles
  • Learn how social communities engage with language features
  • Diversify product pages without cannibalizing text or meta data
  • Ramp up personalization while maintaining brand voice
  • Publish unique product pages by channel and customer journey
  • Distribute publish-ready product description text to resellers


Our user-driven natural language generation (NLG) technology enables online retailers to tacticly distribute unique, high-quality product messaging with unmatched speed.  Our systems analyze user behavior data to produce fully-enriched and personalized product pages and promotional messages.  Writesof can produce millions of unique message versions for a single SKU, probabalistically determining which versions have the greatest likelihood of producing desired engagement and conversion outcomes.

Generate Fully Enriched Content
That Self-Edits, Targeting Users

Your user and customer data, whether internal or managed by a third-party, is potent with hidden value.  Product marketers that actively seek and discover new insights into customer profile and behavioral data are better positioned to choose personalized marketing solutions that get results.

Writesof uses customer data to produces brand-tuned, user-targeted product messaging that can semi-autonomously self-edit by learning how different users interact with product details at varying paths along the customer journey.

By taking every opportunity to activate and utilize customer data, even that which is hidden, you can offer unique shoppers a unique experience, tailored to their individual personalities, interests, and affinities.

Create Usable Language-User Data Sets

Qualified partner clients will not be billed until we deliver on certain ROI guarantees – product page performance, benchmarked by engagement and conversion rates.

In addition to our ROI guarantee, at this time we are offering qualified clients a Brand-Tuned Language-to-User Classifier.  This tool enables your marketing team to evaluate all of your brand’s language, by varied dimensions of author communication and user feedback.  You can use it to quickly discover performance-ranked language, filtered by product groups, categories, and user groups.

Use Machine Learning Built For Product Messaging

Today’s advanced computational linguistics technologies can analyze a large corpus of millions of words in minutes.  By narrowly defining chunks of text, for example, by subject, scope, or objective, advanced NLG systems can even predict how a human writer would write about a product feature or customer benefit, with respect to audience and objective. 

Machine learning enables Writesof’s NLP and NLG systems to process text on relational-value framework, measuring each overlapping word, phrase, sentence, and section of a product page by user engagement and conversion metrics.  Since our data sets are comprised of trillions of such relationships, this type of computational linguistic analysis can only be executed in a neural network, powered by advanced machine learning.

Use Language Data to Influence Buyer Journey Actions

Your product pages are listening to your customers.  Each time a user visits a product page, valuable data is created.  Some of this data, particularly that which is collected off-site along the customer joruney pathways, will never be utilized to its full potential.  For product marketers that want to implement personalization strategies that actually get results, they must learn new ways to create and utilize customer data.

Create a Brand Lexicon Classified By User Segment

If you’re a large online retailer, your writers already have access to powerful language tools, such as a brand lexicon of most favored words and sales angles.  A good lexicon is comprised of language that is filtered by brands, product categories and audience types.  We know that in large teams of writers, each will have their own unique writing style, using very similar language.  Even on a very large online retail site. lexical variance between writers amounts to less than 1,000 unique words used by a writer – that is, when accounting for .  have different writing stylest the language that they use is quite similar, with respect to the product and audience.  Writesof can help – and we can even structure your lexicon around dimensions of user behavior, giving you insight and validation for word choice and position, with respect to the user or user group.

Build A Multi-Dimension
Linguistic Neural Network
With User Data

Our linguistic neural network is built to classify and process billions of words of natural langauge, analyzing how each chunk of text influences user behavior.

As user interactions increase, machine learning algorithms can help our NLG systems can better predict which chunks of language should be edited or restricted to a different audience.

Keep Your Customer Data In House, Where It Belongs

For many organizations, customer data is their most valuable resource.  This data is what drives company decisions, from product development to logistics.  Every good business decision starts with the customer, the shopper, the market.

Writesof is strictly focused on uderstanding how your users interact with text on a page.  We have no need for your customer data.  We do, however, want to give you the tools that learn how your user traffic behaves with our language.  You can keep your data in the valut.  Just update us on how our language is performing, so we can help you provide a more personalized shopping experience for your customers.

Data Integration, Solved.

Writesof can help you manage product information with simplified data and platform integrations.  We deliver cutom formatted structured text and html feeds that can be imported into your existing e-commerce platform.  We can also create a custom adaptor that integrates with your existing Product Information Management system.  Typically we deliver files in HTML, XML, CSV, JSON or TXT, but we can also create an API that delivers product inforation to virtually any database, in any data-template format.  Our system is designed to publish page revisions in real-time, without human supervision, so we are ready to handle any type of integration challenge.

PIM Analytics Channels
Oracle Google E-tail:
IBM Adobe Ads
RiverSand NetSuite E-mail
Salsify MuleSoft Push
inRiver Tableau Affiliate
*Integrated PIM and Analytics Platforms and E-commerce Channels.

Automated Copywriting

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Message Analytics

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